Evangelist Jamesia Harrison is an anointed and appointed voice for this millennial generation, echoing the sovereign voice of the Lord.


Having accepted Christ into her life at the ambiguous and tender age of 14, Harrison has always been unequivocally certain of her calling and acceptance of God to the ministering of the Gospel. 

She has never allowed her age or gender to hinder her bold proclamations and stance on the Holy Word of God. Rather, she fervently holds fast to the assignment the Apostle Paul commissioned unto his young son in the Gospel, Timothy – to simply be an example. Furthermore, she believes the day has come that was mentioned of by the prophet Joel that God would pour out His spirit upon all flesh and sons and daughters would prophesy. Humbled is her only response knowing that in spite of everything the Lord knows about her – shortcomings and failures alike – He STILL chooses to use her for His glory.


On Father’s Day of the year 2000, Evangelist Jamesia was fully endowed with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues of fire as the Spirit of God rested upon her. As His power and grace began to grow and flourish in her life, she could no longer restrain the gentle nudging to become a minister of the Gospel and publicly declare, preach and teach the Word of Truth. In 2003, on New Year’s Eve, she boldly preached her initial sermon titled, “Jesus the Greatest Gift.”



Evangelist Harrison fervently believes in the necessity of strong leadership and anointed covering. To that end, she serves faithfully at the Ramp Church International in Lynchburg, V.A., under her spiritual father and mentor, Bishop S.Y. Younger. She counts it as a privilege to serve as the churches minister of protocol, overseeing the ministerial staff. In 2007, at the age of 25, Evangelist Harrison was ordained an Elder for the Lord. Additionally, she sits on the One Way Churches International Board of Elders.


The divine power of God is evident and without controversy when she opens her mouth to share what God has planted in her heart. Having developed her own style of dynamic ministry, she has been graced with the ability to deliver the Word of God with relevancy, energy and charisma without compromising the integrity and sanctity of the unadulterated Gospel. A first generation preacher, she is a highly sought after preacher, teacher and workshop facilitator with a multigenerational impact.



In 2006, Evangelist Harrison received a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from North Carolina A&T State University. From there she obtained an Associate degree in Ministry from Virginia University of Lynchburg. Jamesia also holds a Masters Degree in Business administration & Marketing from Walden University. Additionally, she is a top-ranking graduate of the J. Alfred Cage Ministerial Course. She has proven herself competent and a workman unto the Lord in every facet of her life. She is excited about the gift of ministry God has entrusted to her, knowing that to whom much is given much is required.


Indeed, Evangelist Jamesia can always be found giving God an in spite of praise, because praise is ALWAYS in order! 

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